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Fotografie Workshop mit Claus Pfisterer (Nov. 2019)

Am 16. November fand ein spannender Workshop mit dem Fotografen Claus Pfisterer statt. Wir lernten viele Tipps wie bessere Fotos gemacht werden können.

Ikebana is a visual art, and the spread of social media and the usage of the internet give an excellent opportunity to share the art we love to a broader public. But in order to achieve that, beautiful photos are necessary. Techniques and tools have become more easily available for those who are not professional photographers.

In the workshop on 16 November with Claus Pfisterer, he presented some tips and principles on how to take better ikebana pictures. He started with an introduction of Adobe Lightroom program and how you can make the most out of an image by digital editing. The second part of the workshop was with a proper background and lights. It was amazing to see what difference the position of the lights, shadows, and colour filters can do. The arrangements were done by Karin from Ohara-ryū (小原流) with a Morimono (盛り物), Herta from Sōgetsu-ryū (草月流) with free styles (自由花), and Ursina from Mishō-ryū (未生流) with a classical kakubana (格花) made out of pine.

We have learned how important it is to take good pictures of your arrangement. We thank Claus for imparting his extensive knowledge with us, and thank our ladies for their beautiful arrangements. For all pictures of the workshop see this link: facebook.com/pg/IkebanaBasel/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2440221749584757 🌸

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