Until April 1986, those persons in and around Basle who were interested in ikebana were affiliated to the Zurich Chapter or the Geneva Chapter of Ikebana International. However, in the meantime, significant interest had also developed in this region and it was on the occasion of an ikebana exhibition held at the Hotel Europe in Basel that the financial foundation for a third Swiss Chapter was laid.

On 21st. January 1987, the inaugural meeting of I.I. Basel as a Prospective Chapter took place in the Restaurant Schützenhaus in Basel. Then, on 15th. March 1988, the Chapter  was officially recognised by Tokyo Headquarters as a Chartered Chapter, to be known as IKEBANA INTERNATIONAL Basel Chapter # 227.

The most important activities of our Chapter are regular workshops and above all, ikebana exhibitions, where we endeavour to put into practice the motto of IKEBANA INTERNATIONAL which is „Friendship through Flowers“.

Highlights in the more than 20 year history of our Chapter have been the three jubilees, each accompanied by a large, impressive exhibition and with demonstrations by famous ikebana masters from both Japan and Europe.

The 6th European Regional Conference was also an important milestone in the history of the Basel Chapter. Berlin, Biberach, Zurich and Basel all collaborated in its organisation to make this an unforgettable experience for the more than 200 participants it attracted from all over the world.